Dr Franck Scola
– MD devoted to international mobility

// Médecin dédié à la mobilité internationale

From his clinical experience and research, Dr Franck Scola has succeeded in demonstrating the existence of medical specificities within expatriate families, which he thus considers in his triple activity of care, research and training. For more than fifteen years, he has been working to raise awareness about the specific nature of expatriation in the area of ​​health, which requires real specialization.

• Reasons for medical consultation :


  • Difficulties in accessing healthcare as a foreigner
  • Impact of expatriation on physical health
  • Mental disorders in expatriation (« migratory trauma », « homesickness » …)
  • Marital issues (suffering of the spouse-follower …)
  • Problems of the complexity of parenthood in expatriation (developmental disorders of children who are allophone, bi-plurilingual and/or educated abroad, difficulties at school, identity disorders of adolescents living abroad, etc.)

The people concerned are those whose state of health and access to healthcare are influenced by a migratory context of linguistic and cultural diversity, in particular French people living abroad, and foreign nationals in France, so by extension any person established on another country.

This healthcare offer is also aimed at people preparing for a stay abroad, or in a transitional context when returning to the origin country.

• How to consult Dr Scola :

► Consultation at the doctor's office :

• Dr Franck Scola is now welcoming you to the Expat Health Center, located on the ground floor of the apartment building « Les Cèdres », avenue des Thermes, in Gréoux-les-Bains (04800).

• Appointment by telephone : a bilingual telephone reception (french or english) is available 7 days a week on 04 92 75 39 52. It is also possible to make an appointment online (see below).

Do not wait in front of the medical center if you don’t have an appointment. Only minors come accompanied.

Wearing a face mask is mandatory, covering both mouth and nose, in the common areas of the medical Center. Hand disinfection compulsory for everyone at the entrance to the medical Center.

opening hours expat health center

► Virtual consultation :

Dr Franck Scola is available for virtual consultation via the application Qare, an authorized, insured, secure and reimbursed platform, for which he received telemedicine training in 2017.

In telemedicine, the reasons for consulting Dr Scola are the same as within the Expat Health Center : specific medico-social issues of expatriate families, language and learning assessment of bi/plurilingual children, and transcultural psychiatry.