► First consultation for medical follow-up :

If you are seeing Dr Scola for the first time, we invite you to choose this reason for consultation when making your appointment by phone or via mysecretaire.com. Dr Scola is a MD devoted to international mobility. His professional practice includes :

– Migration and transcultural situations,

– School medicine in international schools,

– A double activity of research and training on the influence of expatriation on physical, mental and social health,

– Monitoring of chronic pathologies abroad,

– Healthcare among expatriates and difficulties in accessing healthcare,

– Parenthood and living as a couple in expatriation,

– Developmental issues associated with bi/plurilingualism, learning disabilities, and the establishment of a learning and language assessment in allophone or bi/plurilingual children …


A first appointment will make it possible to establish an initial diagnosis according to your situation, and to lay the foundations for a medical follow-up in all serenity with Dr. Franck Scola.