🇬🇧 Dr Scola’s care activity during the Covid19 epidemic :

► Medical reception :

  • All the foreign travel and physical teaching activities of Dr Scola are cancelled for the time being. He will be at his surgery for the foreseeable future, to contribute to the current public health effort in these exceptional times.
  • Any physical examinations are made only after being assessed by phone and patients are kindly asked to wait outside before being allowed in one by one ; only minors may enter accompanied.
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory, and everyone must disinfect their hands upon entering. Please do not wait outside without an appointment.

► Teleconsultation :

  • Patients with fever, cough, sneezing, and runny nose are requested to make an appointment online on Qare or may exceptionally request a home visit.
  • For Covid19 consultations Dr Scola is only available via the Qare application, see the following link ( www.expatries-sante.com/teleconsultation/ ). This is an official secure medical platform, with normally functioning reimbursement, for which he was fully trained in distance medicine in 2017.
  • For emergencies only, the personal number of Dr Franck Scola : 06 21 21 22 32.
  • After the self-isolation period, Dr Scola’s distance practice will return to its normal functions (expatriate family medicine and social issues, language assessment and learning issues in bi- and plurilingual children, and transcultural psychiatry).