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The Importance of Cultural Intelligence In International Education (By Sara Berenguer, Head of Primary at Regents International School Pttaya, Thailand)

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However, what I’ve learned about working and living with people that aren’t like me is the following: that it’s best to put things down to experience; to develop and keep the habit of apologising; to continue having an interest in other human beings and not to judge people using my own culture as a benchmark.

How thrilling it is to be a teacher at Regents, preparing children to be the world changers of the future; – not shying away from ‘difference’ but gravitating towards it; – not fearing it but embracing it as creative, exciting, inspiring and enriching. With Regents children as the next generation of global citizens, the world will surely fulfil its promise of becoming a place of mutual understanding and respect. As the French say, ‘Vive la difference’!